710 Day Guide To Concentrates

710 Day Guide To Concentrates

What Is 710?

Happy 710 Day to our UNI crew. If you enjoy concentrates, this day is all for you. 710 is celebrated on 7/10, july 10th at 7:10am and 7:10pm as well as throughout the entire day. It’s origins are mysterious, having gained traction in the 2010’s through industry circles. The full potential of 710 began to be realized in 2013 as publications like LA Weekly ran stories about “the new 420” and events that concentrated on, you guessed it, concentrates began to spark popularity in legal states. Concentrates, dabs, hash, rosin, live resin, water hash, bubble hash, shatter, wax, crumble, sugar, badder, budder; however you name it 710 day is for you. If you thought 420 is the only holiday to celebrate; you need to know about 710. 710 is 420’s cool cousin who shows up late to the function but has all of the goods in hand. National Concentrate Day, or 710 day (take a good look at that number and it may make sense), is for consuming cannabis' new favorite thing; oil. 

To put it simply 710 just spells oil, that’s it. As the second largest cannabis holiday it has gained more attention in recent years. You may even find your local dispensary making deals for the day. 

Celebrate with Concentrates

Cannabis oil products like the ones above are potent, powerful, and if done right may prove more effective for some than traditional flower. Each type of concentrate is different. The most common you will see in your local dispensary will most likely be Rosin and Live Resin, as well as Distillate and RSO. Among concentrates you’ll find different consistencies; shatter and budder will be vastly different while crumble, sauce, and sugar are all different points of the same spectrum. We want to keep you in the loop so you know what to buy on your next trip to the dispensary so we’ve created a handy guide for concentrates
in honor of 710

Live Resin 

To make it simple: Live Resin is made using a solvent extraction (like butane) with fresh, frozen plant materials. Live Resin is one of the most common concentrates you’ll encounter in your dispensary. The major difference in Live Resin is the extraction method. By using Butane or Propane, Live Resin is a quality product that if done improperly could leave some of that solvent in your product. That is why it is important to look at what you are buying beforehand whenever possible. 


Rosin is Live Resins’ older sister who went away to college, partied, and still passed classes. Rosin is made using an even simpler process: heat, pressure, and ice or water. These three steps lead to one big reward. Rosin has gained popularity as people are paying attention to the cannabis products they are putting in their body. Buying from legal dispensaries doesn't mean you’ll be getting a pure product so it’s important to do your own research into how things are made. 


When it comes to consistency, concentrates vary wildly but the names are a helpful way to know what youre getting before you buy. Because of the pandemic, many dispensaries that previously offered the chance to smell, look at, or pick your own concentrates are no longer able to do so. Crumble can come either already loose and crumbly, or in a dry piece that you then break apart. Crumble is another from the Live Resin lineup that has a high potency. This consistency works well in pens, rigs, or nectar collectors. 



The warning for this one is in the name. Shatter is a concentrate that looks a bit like honey, but breaks or shatters apart when you take your tool to it. When kept cold, shatter is prone to almost exploding when broken apart, user beware. If you let your shatter get warm (not always recommended either) it becomes snappy, with a pull-apart consistency. Shatter works best in your nectar collector dish, or traditional rig but be sure to not let it get too warm before use. Shatter is known to turn “soupy” if left out for too long. 



Sugar may be the most “misleading” name on this list. Although the crystal-like consistency is a lot like sugar, it is usually a “wet” concentrate. Sugar is easily scooped as the crystals like to stick together. This concentrate works well in almost all forms of consumption as well as in products like the Puffco. 

Badder, Budder & Batter 


These three are similar and generally end up together on other lists. Budder has a whipped, icing-like consistency similar to cake frosting. Badder has a more loose look and can come fairly saucy. Batter is another that has a thicker appearance and is sometimes described as more bumpy than Badder or Budder. These concentrates usually are whipped, adding air into the product to give it the unique consistency. Most batters, budders, and badders are made using solvent processes making them Live Resin products. These can work well with most all smoking products. 

Sauce & Diamonds 


This is exactly as it sounds. Live Resin diamonds left to simmer in a delicious, terpene rich sauce. This is another Live Resin product. The Sauce portion is usually thinner and able to be smoked but hard to get onto your tool. The Diamonds hold the true power with large and small crystals forming during the extraction process that are then harvested with the sauce. Sauce & Diamonds are another popular concentrate that can be harder to find but more brands are beginning to stock stores with a wider range of products. Sauce & Diamonds work best if you have a reliable dab tool and a traditional rig, or use the dish it comes in as a nectar collector dish and dab straight from that.

Celebrate 710 

710 has become a national holiday and UNI knows how to celebrate in style. Our 3rd annual 710 event is going to blow you away. Between food, fun, and the function you’ll be spending the day in a haze with your favorite team. The 710 event is more than a place to enjoy and consume. We know what it means when you have a community and support behind you and we wouldn’t be here without that, so we want to give it back to you! Our 710 event is the perfect place to grow your cannabis community and meet others who are breaking the stigma with yo(U) a(N)d (I). 

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