How To Enjoy Edibles

How To Enjoy Edibles

How To Enjoy Edibles 

Edibles have become more than just the pot brownies of the past. You can find a wide array of discrete and easy dosing products that will get you feeling right. There is something for everyone to try between the types of tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more. If you’ve used cannabis chances are you have heard a horror story about someone dosing incorrectly. Not everyone tolerates edibles the same. We’ve come up with a handy dandy dosing guide and do through some of your favorite products. Everyone enjoys edibles at a different pace, and that can be due to an array of other factors; 

  • Frequency of use 
  • Type of product 
  • Your own bodies absorption rate 
  • The way the product was infused
  • The instructions you received versus the ones you followed

There's more that matters than just a good tasting edible, we are here to walk you through whether it's your first time, or fiftieth. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your edible experience. 

The Types 

As legalization sweeps the country, more companies are developing ways to get high. Long gone are the days of cookies, brownies, and rice crispies. Now you can find infused beverages, topical lotions, throat sprays, cough drops, and luxury chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth and your high. Here is a handy list of the different types of treats and how to use them. 


Tinctures aren't new, but the method and type of tincture may be. Tinctures are concentrated extracts from plant matter that are consumed orally. Though some may not taste the best (remember, it's an extract), you can use these in various ways. Taken plain, you can drop a tincture under your tongue. If you want to enjoy it all day long, add some to a drink and take it home. 


Topicals are just how they sound, applied topically to the body. You can find lotions, salves, rubs, lubes, bath bombs and more to help alleviate any issues. Topicals work well for physical pain relief or muscle aches. Although you may think of CBD, there are plenty of Topical options with high THC products. 


If you haven't experienced the rapid high of a sublingual, you are missing out. Sublingual generally yields a faster, more full-bodied high as the THC enters the bloodstream directly, bypassing the liver for absorption. Sublingual can come in tablets, liquids, candies, and more. The common thread is the rate of absorption and the location. Sublingual is placed directly under the tongue for a discreet yet fast-acting product. 


Is your first, and maybe last, memory of an edible brownie or rice crispy? Then you are in for a treat as cannabis-infused products have grown leaps and bounds even in the previous year. Edibles offer so many more options than what we used to know. From savory to sweet and infused with other herbs to fruit-filled confections, if it can be made, it can be infused. Edibles are enjoyed by almost every demographic, are easy to make at home, and are a discreet dosing option for those who aren't looking to smoke. 


A new space within the infused market is cannabis-infused drinks. You can find lemonades, tonics, and even infused beers and wines to give you a little edge. Infused beverages are another long line of easy-to-use products that get you stoned without the smoke. You can find delicious concoctions in most dispensaries. Brands like Keef are a cross-country phenomenon, and you can find other similar infusions in most markets. 

Dosing Guide 

We get it; the edible you had in 2012 was off the chain and so fire. If you’re on the hunt for a dispensary edible that does the same thing, it’s essential to recognize the difference between homemade and store-bought edible dosage. Most dispensary or cottage baker edibles will have simple instructions to start small and work up to higher doses. Each type of edible product is different. Some will hit faster than others and depending on the terpenes, percentages, and CBD content, you could be in for a much more wild ride. Other things that may not be taken into consideration are: 

  • Metabolism 
  • Weight
  • Level of activity after partaking 
  • Rate of absorption 



Who: This dosage is best for beginners. 

Why: At this dose, the effects will be mild and pleasant. You may find relief from body aches, muscle pain, and general anxiety. 


Who: This dosage is best for recreational use or more consistent relief. 

Why: If smaller doses are no longer doing the trick, this dosage is ideal for quick relief with increasing creativity and mild euphoria. 



Who: For the cannabis curious or those looking to have a good night. 

Why: At 5mg, you may experience euphoria and higher focus. Great for jumpstarting your busy day. 



Who: If you want to open the doors to perception, 10mg is your dosage. 

Why: A sense of bliss coupled with high creativity and lowered anxiety. Perfect for a movie night. 



Who: Cannabis Connoisseurs find enlightenment and enjoyment at 20mg. 

Why: At this dosage, you will find intense feelings of euphoria, creativity, arousal, energy, or maybe even couch lock. 

Remember, the dosage depends on a variety of factors that are personal to you. Not everyone will have the same experience, and that is okay. The important part is to dose smart and enjoy the ride. 

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