East Coast Cannabis Tour

East Coast Cannabis Tour

East Coast Cannabis has become the new Wild West of Cannabis. With states exploding with growth, both plants and sales, it is crucial to stay informed on what the future of cannabis will be for the East Coast. Between brands, compliance, consumption, and ever changing laws the East Coast cannabis market may take some time to level out. As we’ve seen, Florida has even opened up its own market that seems to be separate from the rest of the coast in some respects. For places like Florida, more and more events and groups are popping up showcasing cannabis and community. Hopefully as time grows on the rest of the East Coast will catch up. 

How Legal? 

The East Coast is a dense, newly legal jungle of medical and recreational states.

If you’re planning an East Coast Cannabis Tour here’s a list of a few states to visit: 


New York





New Jersey




Washington DC 


The states listed above are legal for adult recreational use. Each state is different with its level of compliance and consumption laws. Some will allow for public consumption while others are doubling down on where and when you can spark up. Others still have varying rules and regulations for the dosage and types of edibles available or amounts of concentrates you can purchase. No matter where you visit, keep an eye on your surroundings and know the law. 

Top 5 Brands To Watch 

These brands are making a big impact along the east coast. Excluding Florida, these are some of the top movers and shakers in the cannabis game. Because so many states are freshly legal, the market is ever expanding with room for more brands to grow alongside veteran brands. 

  • Solar Cannabis Co. 
  • Curio 
  • Hi5
  • Cresco
  • Columbia Care 
  • Where East Coast Cannabis Is Going 

    The only way is up! East Coast cannabis will continue to grow as more states move from illegal to legal or medical to medical and recreational. It’s important to note that as the states grow, no pun intended, staying up to date on the laws that will affect you is a game changer. Recently, New York has come under fire (and not the good kind) for their handling of police and other professionals and cannabis use. Along with the restrictions on where you can smoke and how, the cannabis marketplace on the east coast has exploded. The cannabis market and methods of consumption are full of big companies who may (or may not)  take compliance as seriously as equity driven companies

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