About Us

  We've always wanted to help get the conversation started about THC/CBD and the positive affect they can have in your life. We don't expect to change minds and open eyes over night, but if we can create a positive environment where some type of dialog can be created, we've succeeded! 

  We wanted to create a brand that represents the everyday cannabis lover, admirer, supporter and advocate. A brand that will shine light on the positive side of the cannabis community. With your continued support we will be able grow and give back. We can change the world but first we must change ourselves. Lets do it together!

What Is The UNI Lifestyle

Have you ever felt like the coolest person in the room and you're just waiting for everyone else to catch on? That is the UNI lifestyle.
We work tirelessly to promote acceptance and inclusion through our apparel. Our goal is to use UNI as a platform to promote UNIty in the times it is needed the most. The vision for the  future of UNI already includes you because you are here.
U.N.I can achieve anything.
(You And I)