UNI Product Guide

UNI Product Guide

Your handy dandy notebook to all things UNI. 

UNI uses high quality products to give your session some style. 

The Best Products 

UNI products aren’t just the best, they’re unique. We go through rounds of testing to ensure the final product is top tier. We always want our accessories to be easy to use, clean, and store. Check out some of our best sellers and why they work. 

UNI space kit

The newest addition to our lineup is the launch of the UNI Space kit. We’ve hand selected favorite items with the help of our team to bring you amazing products in one convenient package. You can blast off in style, the Space Kit includes: 

  • 1  Metal Tray with Magnetic Lid (7 X 5.5 in)
  • 1 Space Collection Crusher (Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Green, Purple)
  • 2 Uni Unbleached Unrefined Papers
  • 1 Uni Catch All Case
  • 1 Uni Ashtray (Red or Blue)
  • 1 Uni Lighter 
  • 1 Pair Space Collection Socks 
  • 1 Car Air freshener (Black Ice or Green Tea)
  • 1 Uni Key chain 


Rolling Tray 

Our rolling tray doesn’t just give you the perfect surface to roll up. It has a handy magnetic lid that’s stays on so you can get up and go whenever you need to. The easy storage makes this rolling tray special for any session. The tray has been a labor of love as “post pandemic” shipping has been a continued hassle, but we’re proud to finally have these ready to roll (pun intended). 

Ash Tray 

Our ash tray will be coming in even more colors so you can have one in every room. They’re lightweight, durable, washable, and easy to use. We know a thing or two about how ashtrays get handled. We wanted to make sure we had something that was going to stand the test. 

Catch All Case 

We work with a lot of bad ass business and the company we’ve partnered with for our Catch All Case is no different. Print2Death is bringing our vision to life with our Catch All Case. It can fit papers, a lighter, and a rolled product all the way up to king sized. This is the perfect case for any road trip. 

Air Fresheners 

No, they don’t smell like strains but they will help your car not smell after your sesh. Our air fresheners are strong without overpowering or giving anything away. They come in Green Tea & Black Ice to make sure that you have an inviting smell in your car. These air fresheners are the perfect addition to your car or room to make sure you’re staying low. 


If you follow UNI you know we’re big on style and sneakers. Our best selling Socks are the perfect accessory for any steez. We wanted something soft, breathable, and durable. We didn’t want to contribute to the continued fast fashion market so we sourced our socks, and other apparel, ethically and responsibly. 

The Crusher 

Consistency is important to us and that carries over into who we work with. We have been sourcing our Crusher from the same company for over 3 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We knew we found the perfect product and haven’t found one to rival it yet. Our commitment to being consistent means we continue to test products to make sure what we put out is up to our standard. 

Rolling Papers

Sourcing high quality rolling papers is not an easy task, but it can be fun. We spent five months in research and development for the best rolling papers possible. We knew we didn’t want to compromise on look, taste, or quality. When we say we tested every paper ourselves, we mean it! 


Why We Do What We Do 

We believe the products you use matter. That’s why our team hand selects and tests everything we offer. Sourcing high quality, long lasting accessories and apparel is at the core of what we do. Every product has passed our test and we believe will give you a superior session. If we wouldn’t use it, why should you? 


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