What Is Delta 8

What Is Delta 8

If you've been paying attention to anything in the cannabis world, you have probably heard of Delta 8. If you live in an illegal state, you may even be seeing it at your local corner store. So what is Delta 8, and how is it impacting the progress of legalization across the country. We always want to inform you so you can make the best choices for your situation. Although Delta 8 is legal in states that traditional cannabis is not, that doesn't mean you won't face challenges if you decide to use it. You can find Delta 8 edibles, topicals, flowers, and more. For some, Delta 8 can be an excellent option for alleviating pain or taking the edge off. If you're a regular cannabis consumer, you may find Delta 8 provides varying effects and may not be as potent as what you are used to. That's okay. Most important is ensuring you buy safe, tested products to enjoy, whether it's THC, CBD, or D8. 

Why Delta 8 Matters to Cannabis Legalization 

Something Delta 8 has been able to do that traditional THC has not is to become federally legal. You can find Delta 8 products in states across the country, from smoke shops to dispensaries and corner stores. Delta 8 became what CBD was at the beginning of the legalization movement. It has replaced the CBD products on gas station shelves and shown the country that the fight for THC isn't going anywhere. You may hear Delta 8 as a loophole for legalizing THC-containing products, and they aren't wrong. Delta 8 has psychoactive properties just like traditional THC; however, it comes in much lower levels. Delta 8 has opened the door for other THC-containing products to start appearing across the country. As more states move for legalization or put it on their docket for the coming years, Delta 8 has created an essential conversation into why some products make it past the men in power, and others do not. Delta 8 has been a necessary part of pulling back the curtain on THC products and opening doors for more conversations about cannabis. Now you can find Delta 8 products like edibles, flowers, concentrates, topicals, and more so that even if you aren't in a legal state, you can get some relief. UNI knows the importance of providing products that make a difference and help us break the stigma; we have so many new things on the horizon as 2022 proves to be an important year in the cannabis industry. 

What Delta 8 Does 

Delta 8 is an isomer from delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; it is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the plant. You may hear it as “weed lite,” but not everyone feels this way. Many people have located relief from a myriad of symptoms with more accessible (read: legal) access to Delta 8 products. From calming nausea to boosting appetite Delta 8 has been sweeping the country in popularity, even finding its way into the pages of the New York Times. There are apparent differences between how Delta 8 and other cannabinoids interact within our bodies and the relief it gives. The short answer to what Delta 8 does differently? It has a lower threshold for the CB1 receptor in our brains. The long answer? Delta 8 has a double bond in a different position from your traditional Delta 9 THC and produces what some report as a “milder” experience. That isn't to say that others haven't found Delta 8 to be the same, if not more intense than THC, in some instances. 

How Delta 8 Does It 

Delta 8 works by attaching to the endocannabinoid system like traditional THC or Delta 9. It is thought that Delta 8 may have antiemetic properties making it effective in helping with nausea and vomiting. It is also shown to help with anxiety and general worry. While THC gives you those psychoactive properties we all know and love, Delta 8 is said to be more similar to a low THC: high CBD product and focuses more on relieving ailments than providing a fun high. Delta 8 reacts differently within our bodies because although cannabis is a plant, there is also a fair amount of science that comes with turning cannabis into the products we enjoy. Although people joke that Delta 8 is THC-lite or similar to “k2” of the old days, they would be wrong on both accounts. Delta 8 is a valid form of THC and works wonders for people with various ailments. It will work better for some than others, much like edibles or concentrates versus flower. 

So Should I Use Delta 8? 

That depends on your circumstances. Delta 8 is a game-changer for the cannabis industry about legalization and just as crucial for the people who buy it. Some call it a loophole, others call it Weed-Lite, but for many, it has provided a good way for them to get relief from everything from anxiety to body pain to nausea and appetite issues. While it may not work for some, Delta 8 is a valid new frontier in the cannabis industry that deserves to be explored. 

Here is a handy checklist to know if Delta-8 might be the right choice for you: 

  • I have issues with appetite, eating, or stomach problems 
  • I tend to have trouble sleeping, falling asleep, or staying asleep 
  • I struggle with general worry and anxiety 
  • I’ve tried CBD, but I still need something stronger 
  • I’m in a traditionally illegal state*, or in a legal state that has limited products or resources

*note: Delta-8 will show on a drug panel, regardless of its federal status. Please be aware and safe if your job does not make exceptions to this for products like Delta-8. 

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